An Unexpected Dance

La Gomera, Spain

Sometimes there are too many coincidances to say no…

Two days before I arrived at La Gomera, I talked to my DJ host on Teneriffa about his music and that I would dance with it. I told him how I celebrate life with dance.

Some of you who know me personally might be surprised… perhaps you have never seen me dance. I dislike ballroom or dinner party dance. I love that dance, where the body moves freely from within… moving to the pulse of life…

When I arrived at the La Gomera finca I booked a room the day earlier, I met an old aquaintance I learned holotropic breathwork with. It‘s funny, we had not seen each other in six years but I was thinking about him and his work just a couple of days earlier. He asked me if I was there for the Open Floor dance workshop that started that night.

Dance now? No way!

Even with the substance that makes me dance for hours in deep trance I wasn‘t able to dance with recently.

But then, that feeling in my gut came up that I sometimes have when something profound is just about to happen… It feels like, I don‘t want to do this, but I need to…

So I joined.

The first couple of days my memory of my last dance with my wife repeatedly came up. We went to the Ozora festival last summer. It somehow was an attempt to get us back on track. We didn‘t really connect…  apart from the night I was back on a trip… we had our final dance…

And then, on the fifth day of the Open Floor workshop, circular breathing did revive those deepest parts of my lungs I didn‘t fill with oxygen in a while. Tears dropped and breaked the ice… I let go…

My next dance was full of joy. I was able to celebrate the beauty of life… again 😊

Thanks to the master of ceremony,  Jonas – a true master of his arts – and the special group of people that joined, I had one of the most profound weeks of my life.

Now I had a couple of days of rest before the Pan-O-Rama trance festival will start tomorrow at La Gomera. I came here to hike but well, I guess, life wants me to celebrate 😉


The Atlantic Ocean

At the moment I am still in between different worlds – physically but also mentally.

My last weeks in Vienna were full of unexpected gifts and emotionally tormenting at the same time.

Some old friends suddenly reappeared in my life. Also the one – a traveller and healer – who 17 years ago inspired me to walk my own path. A circle is closing 😉 And I received a lot of support from family and friends.

And eventually an inconveniant truth helped me to let go and leave.

One week ago I arrived on Tranquillo Island. I lived with a great master of his own world, a grande DJ, a rebel and a genius. They were great hosts. All of them live in completely different worlds then me but we have some essential things in common.

I learned a lot from them. Foremost, that I don’t define friendships by interests or social background or status or whatever… but by the core values we share.

Some of my best friends live in completely different worlds then me, yet, we share the same core values and, moreover, we don‘t judge each other for who we are.

And then, on the ninth day of my trip I went into nature on my own for the first time.

I sat on volcanic rocks looking at the atlantic ocean.

Inspired by the scenary and the most beautiful voice I suddenly connected to life… again…

For one moment I felt the intensity of what it is like to love life. I felt what it was like when I once used to love my life…

When I was in tune…

Seeing all the unexpected gifts and wonders…

Feeling life‘s pulse…

And suddenly separation felt like a great teacher to me. Excepting what is, learning from the „mis-takes“ here and now.

So let‘s see what life will teach me next 😊

But, for now I will go off-line for some time.

Yet, before I do so I’m leaving with one message:

Love life!