Have you every heard of Kintsugi?

At first glance it merely looks like a method for repairing broken pottery or a design style.

Once we dig deeper we discover a whole philosophy of honoring the beauty of imperfection and “mis-takes” that teaches us to expose and embrace our failure.

Kintsugi is a Zen art form – a Zen practice – of accepting reality… rather than hiding imperfection – the cracks – by highlighting and patching them with lacquer and gold one transforms the object to something unique and more valuable.

A dear friend once told me: “In a relationship, once there is a deep wound it can heal to some extend but a scar will always remain!”

This is true and yet, with the practice of Kintsugi relationships become more resilient, grow and heal and once the “repair” is done, they turn into something much more special and valuable than before.

It is our cracks that show us our history, how we lived and what we have overcome. It is our cracks that give us character.

Essentially Kintsugi is a symbol of metamorphosis.

And since I am a metamorphoser I believe in the art of Kintsugi 😉



It seldomly happened in my life that I met and fell in love with a goddess.

A goddess should be loved like one!

I loved their wisdom that is wider than the horizon.

I loved their intelligence that is deeper than the ocean.

I loved their devotion that is the expression of their love.

I loved their spirit that is clearer than a diamond.

I loved their laughter that is innocent as a child’s heart.

I loved their light that illuminates peoples hearts.

I loved their soul… that is… infinite.

But you know what?

Love is not just a mere passive perception of a person or a feeling in your heart. Love is an active expression through actions and sincere words of compassion.

You show love through the way you treat the people you love.

So what about my love?

My words sometimes were more poisonous than the sting of a scorpio.

My voice sometimes was more frightening than Thors hammer.

My actions sometimes were sharper than the blade of a Japanese sword.

In the past I had not fully mastered the passionate fire of my heart… and it often burnt hard…

Especially the ones I loved most!

So now it’s time to fully master that passionate fire…




I am… is the infinite white space in which the human experience takes shape… in the form of thoughts and emotions… just like the soundtrack of a song where you can see in which frequency the song plays.

I am not the song, but the infinite white space. And I decide in which frequency – with which vibration – I live through the human experience.

It is my choice if I hold on to an old song – an old vibration – which is influenced by my past experience. It is up to me if I identify with that old song and play it over and over again or if I stop that song and listen to the silence to start a new one… a new vibration.

Life is like an improvised song by a group of musicians. My melody – my vibration – influences the others and vice versa. And if I don’t like the melody, we can simply change it as we are neither the melody nor the song.

Making love is like the melody of two people playing together. The melody where love vibrates.

It is up to me which song I play, which melody. It’s up to me with which vibration I want to live… now.

So, I choose to tune in to the vibration of infinite love.

I am love.

I am.


Return 3.0

Tenerife Airport

Today and on this day a year ago I returned from La Gomera from a healing journey.

The last 365 days were quite intense 😉 And I got the opportunity to feel and see my deepest wounds.

You know… there is so much I could write about.

Yet, I‘ll just say the one thing that seems to be the most important learning for me:

I‘m neither my perception, nor my mind, nor my intellect, nor my past, nor childhood traumas nor my anger nor my pain! I am non of what I used to identify with or still might identify with!

I am…


Please Proceed to the Gate

The Atlantic Ocean

Thursday was a special day. Some things finally came to an end and a new gate opened.

It feels like some important things are shifting for me on a deep level.

And in a few moments I’ll be back to Gomera… when I left two months ago, I didn’t expect to be back so soon.

The timing is perfect. Working with a new medicine for the first time is usually a very special and profound experience. It’s like losing your virginity 😉

The gate is open. Boarding has started. Let’s see where this trip will take me to 😳😉😜



I live intensively… I love intensively,,,

And when I love intensively… I take off my masks…

And when I take off my masks… I make myself vulnerable…

And when I make myself vulnerable… I need to proceed with mindfulness…

But when I don’t proceed with mindfulness… I create the space to become deeply hurt…

And when I get deeply hurt… I use my sting…

And the moment I use my sting… my love has turned into poison…

And that poison is lethal even for the people I love most!

Yet, it is the nature of the scorpio to use his sting whenever he sees no way out… or when you step on him 😳