There are more fake guides and teachers in the world than stars. The real guide is the one who makes you see your inner beauty, not the one who wants to be admired and followed.


The other day, I had a conversation with a dear friend who recently had her spiritual emergence. She talked about someone who got infatuated with her. He told her the story of Shams and Rumi and that this was the way he loved. She said that he believed to be her Shams.

Who is Shams?

Shams-i-Tabrīzī is the one the – so called – master of Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī. The one Rumi deeply fell in love with on his path to enlightenment.

Before Rumi encountered Shams, he was a highly respected scholar and a conservative Imam.

When the Sun of Tabris met the Prophet of Love in Konya in 1244 they became passionately infatuated and locked themselves up in Rumi’s library for 40 days. Their encounter was so intense no-thing else besides was possible. The people around Rumi thought he had become intoxicated and insane.

In a way he did 😉

A poem describes Rumi’s path during these days as such:

I was him

I’ve become him

I’ve become without him

I’ve become just like him

for this

I am with no face anymore.

Hmm, it’s funny to me, my friend thought that – to her lover – she was Rumi. But to me it’s more likely that she is Shams for him.

You see at least for a Sufi, Shams is much more than a person.

Shams is a symbol.

A symbol of love and a symbol of this path to enlightenment.

Anyone can be Shams to you if you truly are infatuated with your Shams.

If you want to see the stars through his eyes.

If you want to love life through his heart.

You become one with him and then you become him.

And once you become him, you see light.

And then, when you see the light, you see your own light through his eyes…

And then…


Ya hagh



Deep down the Sea

In the depth of the sea you find riches beyond imagination,
but if you seek safety, stay near the shore.

Saadi, Rose Garden

For quite some time this was the quote that welcomed the visitors of the website for my counseling services. Today, I believe to understand, why I didn’t have that many clients then: It must have scared the hell out of them 😜

Eventually, I would take the quote offline. Not for commercial reasons though but because – with some changes in my private life – it perhaps scared the hell out of me 😉

I guess I am back on track now for some deep sea diving. Yet, of course, I’m neither always aware of my fears nor my tricky ego. So I also stay near the shore at times.

However, if I truly want to encounter someone, I know no better place to encounter.

Yet, to do so, trust is necessary.

Love is necessary.

Mindfulness is necessary.

But once these preconditions are given it’s the only place I’d like to encounter.

It’s like paradise… exploring together riches beyond imagination 😉



Compromising My Vision

On this day two years ago I had a major blow.

Today I understand why.

A guy who used to work for a tech company attended a keynote speech I held at a conference in 2015. He thought I was a visionary and he believed I could help his company. Its turnover had halved over the previous five years and they didn’t know what to do.

When I met the CEO of the company for the first time he made me believe that he was seriously interested to develop a new business model.

I had a clear vision as I was able to see how it would be possible to develop a new business model without having to fire people while putting their potential into full action.

However, it turned out that the CEO was so full of preconceptions, old paradigms and dogmas that he neither understood my vision nor was he willing to trust me. Fair enough… it was his company. And basically, he wanted me to tell him he could just proceed without any changes.
Hey man, your turnover halved over the last five years 😉

Well, in any case it was my mistake. When we started the project he wanted me to proceed in a different way then I had outlined in my offer. I compromised as I thought he will start to trust me later on in the project. He never did and I truly believe that this was the case, as I was willing to compromise.

So he cancelled the project with me. Thus far it was the biggest project I had ever been hired for. So that was a major blow for me.

Looking back I realize a couple of things:

When I was younger, when I was telling people what I see in them or a certain situation, they would usually tell me I’m crazy or weird. Well, actually that is still often the case 😉 And then, I would try to convince them and weaken my-SELF.

The difference now is, that when I look back, I can see that I was usually right… not always, but very often.

Often things I had forseen did fulfill just many years later. However, when I was younger, I didn’t have that experience yet but today… I do… not being modest for once, I actually quite have a track record of future developments I have predicted.

So one of the things I learned over the last couple of months is to trust my-SELF again and trust in my own truth, no matter how crazy or weird people think I am.

There is so much I see in people… so much I see in situations. Usually it’s much more then people see in themselves or the situations they are in.

And often when I tell people my vision, they will only believe in a tiny bit of it. They will often only use a tiny bit of it. They will often only take a tiny bit of it.

It’s like, I offer people to build a paradise garden but they just go for conventional one.

Too bad for me?

No it’s really simple:

I will start again to share what I see with people but simply just work or spend time with those who are willing to trust me… no matter how crazy that stuff sounds. And usually, it sounds quite crazy… so usually you really need to overthrow your old paradigms… or trust me 😜


Celebrating Life

Turning 40…

Some people ask me how I feel.

It’s funny, so many people think I‘m feeling bad growing older… especially with all these things that have happened to me over the last 1 1/2 years.

Why should I be feeling bad?

First off, I have no regrets whatsoever about what has „happened to me“.

Then, believing in the infinity of my soul, 40 is merely a number to me 😉

But most importantly… for the first time in my life I am free!

Free to do what I like…

I have received the gift and privilege to start over, once again, with 40… healthy and with no major liabilities.

The last 40 years where like school and college for me… studying love… studying life 😉

I have learned who I am, what I am capable of and what I stand for.

So now I am not merely celebrating my birthday… I am celebrating my life… every single bit of it… every single second of it, every single scar and every single joy of it!

‘Cause I enjoy what I see in front of me and I know how to create the life I love…

Dancing intensively…
Living intensively…
Loving intensively 😜



If the soul is infinite and immortal, what meaning does life have?

If every life we live is merely a deep breath of our soul?


Why are we taken ill by certain diseases?

Why do we experience certain strokes of fate?

Why are we dying certain deaths?

Why do we encounter certain people?

Why do we relate to certain people?




Do our souls decide to live a certain life?

In certain circumstances…

With certain things „happening to us“…

With certain people we relate to and encounter…

The parents my soul decides to be conceived by…

The siblings my soul decides to grow up with…

The person my soul decides to marry…


What is fate?


Looking back on my most important encounters, those strokes of fate and the way I live and will die, I believe they are all a mirror for my ego and a message to my immortal soul 😉

From this perspective life becomes like a divine play.

And the people I decide to relate to deeply become my playmates…

My mirrors…

My access to my soul…

To the divine…



Roughed Up

The last 1 1/2 years were quite rough. Perhaps the roughest of my life 😉

To the day 1 1/2 years ago, my dream to dedicate my life to make my living with a meaningful product was shattered by special police forces. They thought the start-up I co-founded was involved in illegal activities. And although it wasn’t it was uncertain for a couple of months to come if I will make the experience to live behind bars for some part of my life. That was the first punch.

Of course it left some major scars on me, my life and my marriage. It was a big shock and a trauma. And then, once I recovered the second punch came along… my marriage was at its end.

For about a month, I wasn’t able to move. I literally was lying on the floor all day long. And I thought it would take me just one or two months to recover. Of course it didn’t 😉

Going on a trip again and getting away from all the drama, trauma and pain I had experienced the previous 12 months this trip felt like salvation. Gomera was a great place to recover, dancing with Jonas and working with the Amazonian warrior did the rest.

But hey, being back to Vienna was challenging. Divorce is a rough experience. Rougher than I thought! And there are no shortcuts. And almost all of July I had to lie on the floor again. For a moment it seemed like all the work for the previous few month had had no real effect.

One month ago I finally got divorced and everything suddenly changed. Some people say, what difference does a piece of paper do… what difference does one signature (or in our case 37) do?

Well some things are hard to explain. But as I always say, the biggest prison walls are our dogmas… the biggest prison is in our head.

So how do I feel? Well, no too bad, not too good. But considering what has happened over the last 18 months I am doing great. I was roughed up and now I am.

The love I feel inside is perhaps even stronger than before. The experience I have gained is priceless.

Being roughed up sounds bad. But in fact those scars tell me who I am 😉



Do you know the story of the lion that was brought up by sheep?

Being raised by the sheep this lion thought he was a sheep too.

One day an old lion captured him and took him to a lake and showed him his  reflection in the water.

Seeing his reflection the lion was at first shocked but eventually realized who he really was and leaves the herd of sheep.

My dear love, now we are free again…


Eve of Divorce

The Poem of the Butterflies

The people of this world are like the three butterflies in front of a candle’s flame.

The first one went closer and said,
“I know about love”

The second one touched the flame lightly with his wings and said,
“I know how love’s fire can burn”

The third one threw himself into the heart of the flame and was consumed.

He alone knows what true love is.

by Attar of Nishabour

Back to Reality

I’m back to Vienna.

And I did expect it to be emotionally rough there and I knew that I wouldn’t know what to expect 😉

The last couple of days were wild.

What I do now realize is that a divorce activates a lot of stuff in a lot of people around you.

Being back to this world, this dimension I get confronted with a lot of bullshit. A lot…

I came with clarity. But that clarity starts to fade away.

And I started to feel pain again. That pain activated my anger. That anger activated my ego… welcome to the dark side 😉

But then, I remembered that clarity I had after Kambo. And I realized that it’s my choice to integrate that clarity into this dimension and reality.

So let’s see what I’ll choose next…


Going Back

73 days ago I left Vienna.

I left to reset.

I took a rough path and faced my own shit…

I met some very special people during this trip and learned from them, from nature and from life.

Especially the last three weeks working with the Amazonian Warrior went deep… real deep…

Life takes place in-between breaths

So let’s see what I’ll do for my next breath.

Well for now… going back… reALIty chEck