Celebrating Life

Turning 40…

Some people ask me how I feel.

It’s funny, so many people think I‘m feeling bad growing older… especially with all these things that have happened to me over the last 1 1/2 years.

Why should I be feeling bad?

First off, I have no regrets whatsoever about what has „happened to me“.

Then, believing in the infinity of my soul, 40 is merely a number to me 😉

But most importantly… for the first time in my life I am free!

Free to do what I like…

I have received the gift and privilege to start over, once again, with 40… healthy and with no major liabilities.

The last 40 years where like school and college for me… studying love… studying life 😉

I have learned who I am, what I am capable of and what I stand for.

So now I am not merely celebrating my birthday… I am celebrating my life… every single bit of it… every single second of it, every single scar and every single joy of it!

‘Cause I enjoy what I see in front of me and I know how to create the life I love…

Dancing intensively…
Living intensively…
Loving intensively 😜



If the soul is infinite and immortal, what meaning does life have?

If every life we live is merely a deep breath of our soul?


Why are we taken ill by certain diseases?

Why do we experience certain strokes of fate?

Why are we dying certain deaths?

Why do we encounter certain people?

Why do we relate to certain people?




Do our souls decide to live a certain life?

In certain circumstances…

With certain things „happening to us“…

With certain people we relate to and encounter…

The parents my soul decides to be conceived by…

The siblings my soul decides to grow up with…

The person my soul decides to marry…


What is fate?


Looking back on my most important encounters, those strokes of fate and the way I live and will die, I believe they are all a mirror for my ego and a message to my immortal soul 😉

From this perspective life becomes like a divine play.

And the people I decide to relate to deeply become my playmates…

My mirrors…

My access to my soul…

To the divine…



Roughed Up

The last 1 1/2 years were quite rough. Perhaps the roughest of my life 😉

To the day 1 1/2 years ago, my dream to dedicate my life to make my living with a meaningful product was shattered by special police forces. They thought the start-up I co-founded was involved in illegal activities. And although it wasn’t it was uncertain for a couple of months to come if I will make the experience to live behind bars for some part of my life. That was the first punch.

Of course it left some major scars on me, my life and my marriage. It was a big shock and a trauma. And then, once I recovered the second punch came along… my marriage was at its end.

For about a month, I wasn’t able to move. I literally was lying on the floor all day long. And I thought it would take me just one or two months to recover. Of course it didn’t 😉

Going on a trip again and getting away from all the drama, trauma and pain I had experienced the previous 12 months this trip felt like salvation. Gomera was a great place to recover, dancing with Jonas and working with the Amazonian warrior did the rest.

But hey, being back to Vienna was challenging. Divorce is a rough experience. Rougher than I thought! And there are no shortcuts. And almost all of July I had to lie on the floor again. For a moment it seemed like all the work for the previous few month had had no real effect.

One month ago I finally got divorced and everything suddenly changed. Some people say, what difference does a piece of paper do… what difference does one signature (or in our case 37) do?

Well some things are hard to explain. But as I always say, the biggest prison walls are our dogmas… the biggest prison is in our head.

So how do I feel? Well, no too bad, not too good. But considering what has happened over the last 18 months I am doing great. I was roughed up and now I am.

The love I feel inside is perhaps even stronger than before. The experience I have gained is priceless.

Being roughed up sounds bad. But in fact those scars tell me who I am 😉



Do you know the story of the lion that was brought up by sheep?

Being raised by the sheep this lion thought he was a sheep too.

One day an old lion captured him and took him to a lake and showed him his  reflection in the water.

Seeing his reflection the lion was at first shocked but eventually realized who he really was and leaves the herd of sheep.

My dear love, now we are free again…


Eve of Divorce

The Poem of the Butterflies

The people of this world are like the three butterflies in front of a candle’s flame.

The first one went closer and said,
“I know about love”

The second one touched the flame lightly with his wings and said,
“I know how love’s fire can burn”

The third one threw himself into the heart of the flame and was consumed.

He alone knows what true love is.

by Attar of Nishabour

Back to Reality

I’m back to Vienna.

And I did expect it to be emotionally rough there and I knew that I wouldn’t know what to expect 😉

The last couple of days were wild.

What I do now realize is that a divorce activates a lot of stuff in a lot of people around you.

Being back to this world, this dimension I get confronted with a lot of bullshit. A lot…

I came with clarity. But that clarity starts to fade away.

And I started to feel pain again. That pain activated my anger. That anger activated my ego… welcome to the dark side 😉

But then, I remembered that clarity I had after Kambo. And I realized that it’s my choice to integrate that clarity into this dimension and reality.

So let’s see what I’ll choose next…


Going Back

73 days ago I left Vienna.

I left to reset.

I took a rough path and faced my own shit…

I met some very special people during this trip and learned from them, from nature and from life.

Especially the last three weeks working with the Amazonian Warrior went deep… real deep…

Life takes place in-between breaths

So let’s see what I’ll do for my next breath.

Well for now… going back… reALIty chEck


Back to Life

The Amazonian Warrior took me to a cave in the La Gomera mountains.

She sat with me while I took the medicine and entered a different dimension.

The medicine worked quickly and I started to pierce through the dimensions of time and space.

My experience was profound and there is no words for me to describe it.

Yet, a question arose:

How is it possible that we humans live against life?



About 30 minutes have passed since I started drinking water. I guess I had about 3,5 liters so far. My stomach feels nauseous… what else…

The Amazonian warrior burns small circles onto my arm as gate for the frog poison and puts the medicine on them.

It takes only a couple seconds… I feel heat in my body… pressure in my head… in my stomach…

I retch… nothing happens…

I retch again… some clear water comes out…

„Take 10 more sips of water“

Ok… I take ten…

I wait for a moment… and then… sudden release!

I vomit four times in a row… the first two times it is still clear water but with the third and fourth release… it is neon, yellow, green… poison and toxins from within…

„Take 15 more big sips of water… now“

Damn… it‘s just the beginning… why the hell did I think I wanted to do another ceremony?!?

Another release… three more times. The taste, the smell… horrible… bitter and like metall…

„Good job… take ten more sips“

Oh man, I feel sick. I can barely hold the bottle of water.

1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 … 9 … 10 … 11 … 12 … 13 …

„Take another five“

Come on, I just had 13 instead of 10…

I drink, nothing happens… I hyperventilate… I moan in pain… my body is shaking… I hope I don‘t have to use my fingers…

„Use your fingers… gently“

Damn it!

I put my fingers down my throat to activate my vomiting reflex…

Nothing happens…

„One more time… with love“

With love… sure…


After about an hour and volmiting about eight liter of water and diarrhea, we are done.

I lie down.

„Good session… I see you on Saturday for the next.“

No way… I‘m devastated… never again!

I go into a trance… rapid eye movement…

I snap out of it… I feel weak but good… somehow I feel I’m becoming clearer and growing stronger!

And all that deep shit is getting out of my system…

I bow to the holy frog 🙏🏼


Let‘s roll 😜


Me Gomera Life

La Gomera

Since Pan-O-Rama I have somehow settled. I live in a paradise garden in the middle of Valle Gran Rey.

I have a room there… actually it is not really a room: there is no walls, no door, etc.

Two cats live with me. Although I live here for two weeks already they are still surprised when I enter my room. Well I guess in reality it is theirs. I am only their guest 😉

It‘s really beautiful. I wake up to twittering birds in the morning, do my Qi Gong and afterwards usually take my moped to the montains or forrests for a hike.

In the evenings I meet friends for dinner or concerts. There is quiet a lot of concerts – street concerts, bars with live music and there is The Gomera Lounge where also famous musicians perform.

The mix of people is interesting:

There is some real hippies living in caves, some hippies with golden credit cards, some spiritual people, quit a lot of healers, people who live here for the winter from all walks of life, people who emmigrated to this island, the usual tourists and Gomeros of course.

I do not try to socialize too much and still, I meet very interesting people. There are actually very special people around. Most people I meet I learn a lot or get gifts from… like my new hat 😊

Some of people come here for a week or two but stay for a few months.

I can understand why. Gomera life is beautiful, chilled out, amazing nature and a lot of good energy around. If you come here and let go and let things happen it can be a very special place.

Since last week I am finally able to execute my digital detox. Before, I did already abandon news and emails. But this week I was finally able to get offline – apart from writing my blog entries and using the messanger service I need to stay connected to the local community.

It was worth it. Being disconnected, I had a few important insights and quite some lucid dreams 😉

So now is the change of season and most people are leaving. On Monday I will retreat into silence for a week and attend a few shamanic ceremonies before I know what‘s up next.