Fast Forward

First stop: Khao San Road… backpacker’s gateway to Asia!

Lots of people, sounds, visual impressions, odours… spices, garbage, air pollution…


Four days later: Koh Phangan, the Full-moon- Party!

Ten thousand people drunk, stoned, trippin, in ecstasy… sounds good!


No, no… people are so fucked up! Passing out, fights, accidents, rapes… and every time someone gets killed… welcome to the biggest beach party in the world! It’s almost anarchy… almost!

But apart from that it’s real fun 😉

Chill out… finally!

Cat Island: good people, good vibes… peace… backpacker’s paradise!

Suddenly, space and time obey different rules!

No stress, no worries… everything’s fine!

I take a hit…

… everything’s fine?!?

Am I happy? Am I really happy with my life?

I should be! Chilling out on a tropical island after two years of pure stress… just at the beginning of possibly the best trip of my life and everything is possible… everything!


Maybe but maybe I’m simply a slave to my mind! A slave to my fears? My subconsciousness? My biography?

A slave to society’s expectations? My family’s expectations? My own expectations?

A slave to my cultures? My belief? My morals? My ideology? My ethnicity?

A slave to my addictions? To consumption? The retirement fund system? To Hollywood?

No, no… I’m not a slave! I just want to be!

It’s a good excuse!

Take another hit…

Going back to my bungalow… what will I find this time… a spider, a scorpion, a snake…

I’m a slave to my phobias!

Two weeks of paradise and then… Tantra-Yoga… four weeks to come… yoga meditation within the tantra system.

Some good people there, some strange people there…

I still cannot get in sync! Strange feelings and thoughts… I still haven’t arrived in Thailand yet…

A week passes by! A powerful healer arrives. One of the most powerful type! A healer who’s mere presence has healing effects…




Once upon a time not long ago there was a little neurotic soul on a trip…

To go on the trip, this little neurotic soul had to leave everything behind so he could search for… something… he didn’t know what… himself maybe?

So he started the trip in Bangkok and soon he had to learn something essential about himself: He was a Muslim!

At least in other people’s perception.

For some strange reason this was news to him, because he never considered himself to be a Muslim.

Anyhow, since he claimed to be Persian, most people considered him to be Iranian, so therefore he was not only a Muslim, but potentially a terrorist!

And since he lived almost his entire life in Austria, to some people he was not only a terrorist but also a Nazi!

But in fact our little neurotic soul was quite lucky… he could have also been Palestinian-German – or American…

Moreover, to most of the people he met, he didn’t look Persian, he looked Israeli – and Israelis are quite popular among travellers and locals 😉

Then again, all of this could have been just a mind trip!

So this is it: The story of a little neurotic soul… on some kind of a trip…

People do have some strange ideas…