The Dance

“You are my witness. You’ve experienced who I really am. If I pass away before my baby girl gets the chance to properly know me, show her the blog entry – The Sun – that I wrote for her first birthday. And it will be you who will tell her what type of man her father really was. You need to take her here and Sequoia’s will initiate her into my world and show her how to the dance with the moon and the sun.” I tell my muse.

“Why are you telling me this now?” she asks.

“I will do my ritual now… you see, at every OZORA festival there is this one dance I do…

Basically, it is the dance the whole festival boils down to.

Everything before kinda feels just like a preparation for it.

That one dance!

My healing ritual.

The sun dance…

At crazy 38 degrees in the shade, I dance under the plane sun with my turquoise headscarf and red pants – in remembrance of the day I danced out of joy of the upcoming birth of my daughter.

And my headscarf is the only thing that protects me from the heat and the sun… even when I rest, I don’t rest in the shade… I just sit down under the sun…

I feel the sun burning…

my heart pumping…

my sweat dripping…

And once I’m on the main stage and the DJ starts his set, there is no way back. When Astrix play’s his set it’s almost impossible to get more water. I have to get through the two hours with my 800 ml bottle.”

“But you could collapse or even have a heart attack” my muse says.

“Collapse?!” I smile, “The dance along life and death under the boiling sun is the Here, the Now!

You see, this dance is not just a dance… every year I just dance this one dance like this… it’s my dance with life… and also death… my dance with the gods… and if they think I worthy of living, it’s like a rebirth!

OZORA is the place I had my spiritual re-emergence. The place I forgave myself and my ex-wife and let go of her. The place I welcomed my daughter with my 12 hour dance into this life and the place I dance with the gods.”

She’s silent.

“I’ve seen so many beautiful places on earth worthy of dying. But you know where I really wanna die?”

“OZORA?” she says.

I grin.

And then I go in.

The ceremony starts.

My body starts to move autonomously.

I’m not in control of my body any longer.

The people who see me dance start to smile. They can see I dance a different type of dance. Some even come up to me to get my blessings.

I dance like a crazy man…

My sweat is dripping, slowly I run out of water and the sun is literally killing me.

And then…