Palace Revolution


A month ago I wrote my entry Bab’Ahash on my way to Vienna, being deeply touched by the love I received by the people in Cristaland the vibrant energy that was there.

It’s funny how quickly things sometimes change…

After being away only for a few days, everything changed.

When I returned seven of these people had left Cristaland, “leaving behind” mostly people I didn’t know that well. And in the meantime three people who were in Cristaland before me and had left, returned.

I guess for them, suddenly I – who they didn’t know – was the “vice-president”.

I was able to feel their reservations against me by two of them since the beginning.

The other one I knew from before and we had a good relationship. And I am not exactly sure what had happened that she suddenly turned against me. Maybe the fact that I was vice-president although she was the one who was supposed to be.

However, it was obvious that she was triggered and avoided to talk with me when I requested it with the exception of one conversation where I also felt like she is manipulating me.

Eventually, I got the impression that she is sabotaging me and my position in Cristaland.

Yeah, what shall I say… in the meantime, I have some experience with covered narcissists I can see all the same patterns in her.

To the outside she appears to be like an angel, but in reality, there is many signs for her manipulative behaviour.

Like making a plan for the future of events – giving me the worst spot to offer my meditations regularly – while excluding me in the process although I had asked her to join that meeting three times. And then she lied to everyone about what has happened.

The funny thing is, that when I uncovered her manipulative ways the whole core-team turned against me… very typical of narcissists and their aura.

It’s like Scottie Pippen, who talked about the real Michael Jordan in his biography. The whole basketball world turned against him… even one of his “victims” – his former best friend – Charles Barkley who Jordan ghosts for a decade now because Barkley once made a true statement about Jordans management skill of a basketball team, which was a bit criticising him.

Don’t missunderstand me, I love Michael Jordan the basketball player. But Michael Jordan the human?! It is so obvious that he is a full-on narcissist!

However, to come back to my situation… since I am gone from Cristaland, it is super obvious that the core-team is working against me. The other two – I mentioned before – might not have a personal issue with me, but they do have one with my position and with me as the “healer” of the community. And surprisingly, they got the best spots for their own regular events 😉

It’s funny how quickly things can turn.

So now I am in Vienna and I consider going straight back to Cristaland after I return from Athens to be present – a palace revolution is kinda easy when the king is absent. The people on the land still love me, only the core team doesn‘t.

I went from being loved by everyone to being faced with this bullshit I know from capitalistic companies within a month.

I mean WTF?!