The Land of the Gods


Saturday I started my trip to do a couple of rituals. On Evia I reconnected to nature again.

At Perachora at the temple of Hera I healed a family wound that haunted my family for 14 generations including me (and swam with the gods in the sea).

And then, I came to Delphi – my beloved Delphi where I met Zeus himself on my 42 birthday – to consult the gods.

Truly, Hellada, the land of the gods, the holy land, again you’ve intrigued me, stunned me and this time initiated me to another realm 🙏🏽

I’m truly blessed as no matter what I do or don’t, the gods are with me – in general in life and also in specific for the topic I came to consult them for.

If I get attacked, I will prevail. So will I if I attack. But the gods told me there is nothing more for me to do other than making a final offer. I can let go because I gave everything and paid my price. Now it’s for the others to pay their price.

And then the gods have initiated me to become a leader by example.

Oh dear gods, truly you are great, having beaten the King of Kings who thought he was a god too but you showed him that he was just arrogant.

Me, Ahasveros, I kneel down in front of these great gods, asking them for support and wisdom and ask for initiation into the circle of creators.

Creators of love…


and life!

Me, Ahasveros, seek to be lead by the wisdom, the power, the fire, the water, the wind, the earth and the ether, lead by the gods, through my fire, my vision, through my willpower, through my actions in this life.

I seek for the guidance to continue from here on.

I dedicate my life to be a warrior of the heart to do what I burn for to do what is right and truthful and full of love, as a son, as a brother and as a father.

Especially for my daughter – my sun, my light!