Month Two and Noruz

Tehran, Iran

So it’s been two months now that I am in Iran. My last month was much more quite than the first. In a way I’m starting to live a life here:

I have a bedroom including my personal bath at the apartment of a patron, a mobile phone, a bank account, a relationship, a few good friends and at times I even work… a bit!

I do get a feeling of how a life in Tehran could be like… if I wanted to have a life around here. Well, and life here is not too bad… for me at least.

Anyway, a friend back from Vienna told me he is more interested in current events going on in Iran rather than in some stuff that hadhappened 2500 years ago. I guess I didn’t quite make my point in my entry on “Persian Identity”. This is what I perceive when I talk to Iranian people. This is what I can talk about…

What I cannot talk about is what is “really” going on in Iran today. I try to talk with as many people as possible and I hear so many different things that I cannot “really” tell you what’s going on in Iran.

For example, a lot of people here are moaning about the government and the bad quality of life. But what does it really mean?

If you ask people in Vienna the same questions you get similar answers. So (again) Vienna is the city with the fourth highest quality of life in the world but when you talk to people you feel likecommitting suicide ; )


One of the things I perceive being here is that people in Iran are being brainwashed!

One of the things I perceive being here is that people in the West are being brainwashed!

Ergo… I’m really brainwashed…

Apart from that there is nothing specific on my mind… this very moment… maybe another day…

By the way, tonight is the beginning of spring which is “New Year” in Iran (Noruz). So I’m happy to finally experience Iranian New Year in Iran. So I’m lucky… my last month in Iran is kicked off with the “New Years Eve”.

And tomorrow I go an a trip “back to my roots” to visit the cities of some of my ancestors: Gorgan and Gonbad-e-Kavus : )


Staying in Touch with Friends

Tehran, Iran

It’s interesting to me:

Some people complain about me not staying in touch. And I know that some people don’t complain but are a bit sad about it or feel offended.

So what is it that makes someone feel sad or offended?

What does it really mean if I (and perhaps people in general) “don’t stay in touch”?

So I have those friends who I don’t mail or talk to simply because our bond is not strong enough.

Then there are those friends who I mail or talk to simply because they somehow “force me” to stay in touch (or I am too Iranian to beimpolite).

The majority are good friends that I don’t mail or talk to regularly… only when there is really something going on… not the common superficial chat… but if we ever do I’m really happy about it…

Then there is very few of my very closest friends that I stay in touch with… a bit…

Finally, there is quite some very very close friends or people I highly respect or have experienced something special with, whom I hardly ever mail or talk to. To some of them I haven’t talked to in years and to some of them I might never talk to again!

What does it say about our friendship?


Or maybe: “We share that special thing we do so there is no need to prove it!”