Wow… what an amazing weekend… it is magical!

I can feel that it is the moment where it seems that everything I have done, experienced and learned in my life culminates in this very moment?

There is a reason for everything that happened so far. What has happened over the course of the last few weeks… months… years. I am grateful for everyone… for everything… for every thing!

The atmosphere here is so inspirational and the vibration so high!

Nine hours to go… I arrive at the venue and go backstage. Everyone is nervous… even the most experienced speakers can feel the adrenaline.

I have the honor to be the closing speaker, I have to wait until the evening to hold my speech. Exciting, tiring and inspiring at the same time.

Eight hours to go… The event starts with a piano piece and then, one special speech is followed by the next!

Five hours to go… Going back and forth between backstage and frontstage you can feel the vibration. Backstage I provide some nervous speakers with CBD. They calm down a bit and are thankful.

One hour to go… after seven hours of listening, supporting and rehearsing the final fourth block starts. I go backstage to prepare. The cosmetician tells me I have 20 minutes before I need to see her.

40 minutes to go… I meet the speaker who will be speaking just before me. She gives me some input. I wish her good luck and I decide to readjust my speech to connect to her’s.

30 minutes to go… I go to the other end of the backstage hall and start my thing… first, my final rehearsal.

15 minutes to go… I’m done with the final rehearsal. Now, I put in the song that has inspired me the last couple of weeks to do my thing at TEDx and I start to dance like a mad man. It only takes a few moments until some volunteers gather to see my pre-speech-preparation-dance and I guess some wonder if I plan to dance on stage or if I have a nervous breakdown 😉

Eight minutes to go… I go up front the backstage to get connected to the mic. People wish me all the best and yet no-one dares to chat with me now. They all know that this is the moment where the speakers need to focus.

Five minutes to go… I start to raise my vibration with the chakra vowels.

One minute to go… I go up to the curtain. I invite my ancestors to support me… my mentor to support me… my baby girl to support me… and then… they introduce me.

With slow steps, I walk on stage. People applaud… this is it: The moment I present my true self to the whole world… the speech of my life!

The one moment our speaker coach refers to as the moment we potentially speak to three billion people in the world!

Silence… and then I roll… “I was born in the midst of a revolution…”

I’m here, now!

Inside I burn like a flame and I stand there – rock-solid, no movement at all – and it’s just my voice with those words that flow out of my mouth… and then… my final message:

“If you believe in what I say might be true, I believe it is you…”

People break into applause…

Wait… I’m not finished with the punchline yet… but they just don’t stop…

So I shout: “Do you?”