I have the tendency to feel attraced to women that are far from “normal”.

This time it was a woman called Kat. And she is not just called Kat but behaves like a cat.

Apart from that she is a Santsang teacher, highly sensitive and sees a lot when she touches people.

She said something unexpected to me “Your heart is so big, your love is initiating and healing people.”

Over the last couple of weeks we got very close and our exchange reached a deepth I hardly ever experienced.

In the end she stayed until I left for Boom so we started working almost daily with each other.

These weeks eventually became some of the most beautiful of my life but also beautiful things come to an end.

I’m grateful for what we have experienced ltogether and I will always honor this cat.


Kambo XXX

I tell the medicine man about my Bufo experience and how deep it went and how much had changed since.

The other Bufo shaman said I was a powerful activator and that I carried a lot of deep shit of other people inside of me and that I was able to release in the ceremony. I asked him what an activator is, believing he referenced Human Design “One that helps other to freedam!” he said and adds “Like Morpheus”

I told my Kambo shaman that something has changed inside of me. I have the clarity that I would like to go much deeper on the medicine path.

And then we did Kambo.

“This time was very deep!” he said “The medicine goes deep in you. You are ready to be initated into Kambo in September if you like. It is three Kambo sessions in two hours.”

“It would be an honor!” I reply.

“And if you want, I will take you with a handful of people to Peru next spring and let you be initiated at the source by a powerful medicine man.” he responds.

“If the medicine chooses me, I’m ready!”