Crazy Sh!t

Athênai, Hellada

It’s 2015… a fairly ordinary year and I live a fairly ordinary life… fairly. I imagine how I would have reacted if on New Year’s Eve at the beginning of 2016 someone had accurately predicted my next five years:

“In 2016 you will become a pioneer in the European legal cannabis market by co-founding the first CBD dispensary in Europe.”

“Me?! Cannabis?! Yeah sure.”

“In 2017 your start-up will fail because it will be falsely accused of selling illegal substances and you may be prosecuted. At the same time you will initiate the first European CBD study for medical use.”

“Haha, whatever”

“In 2018 your wife will divorce you, although you always thought you would grow old together.”

“Hey, fuck off!”

“In 2019, you will father a girl to another woman and become a TEDx speaker”

“Me?! Of course!”

“In 2020, you will be refrained from seeing you child most of the time including its birthday. To compensate, you will start to tell stories, produce a podcast and do inner journey work so you can have a positiv impact on people through your voice!”

“Mhm… and in 2021 I will try to conquer Greece another time?!”