The Invitation

Pisac – Sacred Valley – Peru

Words cannot describe what I am experiencing on this journey.

The first week was the preparation for the first ceremony.

During the first part of the initiation with the sacred cactus, we went through a magical forest up a hill towards a place called El Paradiso.

My prayers and intentions were to see fully and clearly everything as multiple psychics told me I am capable of.

After the first cup in the forest I sat eventually naked in a creek to cleanse myself in the freezing cold water, while roaring like a wildcat.

The shaman asked what my intention was for the second cup.

“I want to see fully!”

“That’s too general, hermano. What needs to happen specifically?”

I think for a moment.

“I’m asking for forgiveness from the mother of my child, since I have hurt her deeply.”

He looks at me, fills half of my cup and says: “You only get half a cup, you’ve already gone through that process.”

After the second cup we arrived at El Paradiso – a place that truly looks like a paradise garden. I went to the other side of the garden to a spot that is a stone altar and did a prayer there asking one more time for forgiveness of the mother of my child, asking for Panchamama to gift me people that truly inspire and fulfill me, asking for strength for the path ahead… potentially being part of the Kogi prophecy…

And then, I got naked, cleansing myself in the freezing water of the stream again, hyperventilating… eventually joining the group around the fire, letting my head fall in the lap of the wise old Sophia.

“A king is born!” she said…

“You have big plans”…

I nod…

“Make sure you don’t become vain! But you are ready now.”

Later, at the fire, when everyone shared their prayer, I ask permission to speak in Farsi.

“Sacred fire, I ask permission to pray:

I’m calling in Baba Tshangiz, grandfather, the great general, I am your grandson, your heir, I ask for your power, your charisma and the power of your linage for my path ahead. I will truly need your power and I will honor you and our linage.

I am calling Mamani Fahteme, my wise grandmother, I ask you for forgiveness for all my ill deeds in this lifetime…

Please forgive me.

I truly need your wisdom and intuition and the wisdom and intuition of your linage on my path ahead.

My dear grandparents, please give me the power, charisma, wisdom and intuition, as I want to dedicate my life to the prophecy of the Kogi and serve…

Khashayar, shah zadeh, darvish

Ya hagh”

I feel the prayer in is whole body and energy field. As do my brothers and sisters present.

The next day I record a message for the Mamo Major of the Kogi tribe. The Mamo Major is the spiritual leader of the Kogi Tribe and 138 years old. Apparently, he is on of the most powerful oracles and psychics in the world. My activator, Tien, is with him at the moment, as the project we are working on was recognized by the Kogi as part of their prophecy of saving the planet.

Sounds crazy, I know…

Tien also wanted me to meet the Mamo for my cleasing and spiritual growth asking me to record a message to him, as he barely works with foreigners.

A few days later, I haven’t gotten a message yet and I enter a sweatlogde with the intention of asking for forgiveness for all my wrongdoings, throughout all dimensions and lifetimes and all wrongdoings of my linages.

It was the most challenging sweatloadge I’ve ever been in. Quite and intention to get all the shit of all lifetimes, dimensions and linages out of my system with only one sweatlodge…

I felt like I’m dying!

Coming out, I got a message by Tien which he sent during the pinnacle of the sweatlodge:

“Mamo said you can come”



Sacred Valley, Peru

Five days ago I arrived in Peru for my initiation journey on the path to becoming a medicine man.

I carried a lot of weight on my shoulders from the previous weeks where – once again in my life – I sensed danger in delay – and warned my tribe what eventually a shaman would call out to be black magic being applied on our tribe.

It was a rough month for me yet very insightful. The medicine man, Tien, who facilitated my illumination process explained to me that I got psychic attacks by a black magic shaman called Izaka. The whole process was a test for me to level up.

Yesterday my Kambo medicine man – who I do the journey with to the Andes – facilitated a Kambo ceremony. I told him about what happened.

„Brother, your purge was very yellow! Very deep shit came out!“

Gratitude to the brother. I feel like I’ve finally arrived in the here and now again.

The next three weeks will be intense. Already we have done a lot of rituals for our initiation.

Today I will learn how to produce my own hape.

On May 4th I will get initiated on a deeper level in the heart medicine in Chavín de Huántar – the most sacred site for this medicine where it has been applied already more then 3500 years ago.

Getting the opportunity to get initiated there is a great honour as only few people get ceremonial access to the archaeological site.