Being Clear and Precise

Colombo, Sri Lanka

My first week in Sri Lanka was… interesting?

So… I experience the usual stuff you do when you are trippin…

For instance, for some reason local people everywhere (I’ve been to so far) seem to ask the same questions in more or less the same order to get an image of you in a minute or less:

What is your name?

Where are you from?

How old are you?

Are you married?

Are you Muslim?

What is your job back home?

In Iran the only difference was they didn’t ask me if I was Muslim but rather if I came to Iran to find a woman to marry…

I’m really amused 😀

People ask me clear questions and they want clear, precise and short answers.
I cannot give them these the way they want… and they usually get very annoyed!

“What’s my first name?”
Hmm, which one shall choose? The Greek one? The Persian one?

“Where am I from?”
So, originally… but… – I could start to explain! (“But you are not Greek! So why do you have a Greek name then?”

“When’s my birthday?”
My god, in my case even that one isn’t so straightforward!

“If I’m married?”
Yeah, perhaps I should be… at my age…

“If I’m Muslim?”

“What my job is back home?”
Which one?
And which home anyway?

“Come on… it’s easy! You must have one first name, one place you are from, one home, one date of birth and usually one job and one religion… and at least you must be able to state clearly if you are married or not!”

Hmm… in my case nothing is so clear-cut!

So maybe that’s the reason why I am a little neurotic soul 😉

But more importantly: for real, what would all the answers tell people about me? So why is it so important to people to have all theses questions answered (clearly)?!?