Hey Hermano!

When we first met I was 23. I had just graduated from university and was just about to start living the life I thought I had to. But then I met you 😉

Your path inspired me to live the life I love.

And then, 16 years later you suddenly reappeared in my life. You were still pursuing your dream while I had given up mine. And at that time I didn’t know what was soon to come up next – my separation that eventually led to my divorce.

During my darkest hours you supported me all the way through and although you had to leave Vienna for your work you delayed it and stayed longer just to be there for me…. Hermano, your support nurtured and saved me.

And with my recent challenges you did it once again 😉

You are a modern day wandering dervish, a healer and a humble pure soul.

You have inspired me and supported me over and over again. But most of all you showed me that living what you believe in is not a privilege… it’s a choice!

You think you owe me? Think again!




When I wrote Fate? I didn’t quite anticipate what life has in store for me.

Life always has other things in store then you expect… doesn’t it 😉

I was free to do and create whatever I wanted.

So I co-created… and now I will become the one thing I thought I would never be… I thought I never wanted to be…

Yet, unexpectedly this miracle of life fills my heart with great joy… life is the most beautiful gift that life could ever give me!

I will be a father 😊


Those gifts least expected are the most precious ones 😜