The Sun

There are some songs that make up the soundtrack of your life.

They move something inside of you…

They inspire you…

They drive you…

They heal you…

Somehow they define those episodes of you life!

I still know every single song that defined each important episode of my life.

The ones I listend to when my dear aunt and grandma died.

The ones I listend to when I went On A Trip – Part I, Part II and Part III. The ones when I fell in love with my wife, got married and divorced.

The ones I listend to when I wrote Stillstand! and Fate?

The one I listened to when I fell in love with your mom.

The one that drove me when I wrote the most important speech of my life… for you.

And the one that drove me to dance for more than 12 hours on the day I realized you will be born soon and how much I love you.

You will wonder sometimes why I am not there.

You will question if I really love you.

But there is no reason for that.

Never question my love for you!

Ever since I first learned that you will see the light of day, every story I told, every interview I did, every speech I created and held, everything I did and everything said, everything I do, I do it for you!

Our time will come…

And when it does, I will show my world to you.

I’ll show you how to dance with the moon and the sun.