If the soul is infinite and immortal, what meaning does life have?

If every life we live is merely a deep breath of our soul?


Why are we taken ill by certain diseases?

Why do we experience certain strokes of fate?

Why are we dying certain deaths?

Why do we encounter certain people?

Why do we relate to certain people?




Do our souls decide to live a certain life?

In certain circumstances…

With certain things „happening to us“…

With certain people we relate to and encounter…

The parents my soul decides to be conceived by…

The siblings my soul decides to grow up with…

The person my soul decides to marry…


What is fate?


Looking back on my most important encounters, those strokes of fate and the way I live and will die, I believe they are all a mirror for my ego and a message to my immortal soul 😉

From this perspective life becomes like a divine play.

And the people I decide to relate to deeply become my playmates…

My mirrors…

My access to my soul…

To the divine…



Roughed Up

The last 1 1/2 years were quite rough. Perhaps the roughest of my life 😉

To the day 1 1/2 years ago, my dream to dedicate my life to make my living with a meaningful product was shattered by special police forces. They thought the start-up I co-founded was involved in illegal activities. And although it wasn’t it was uncertain for a couple of months to come if I will make the experience to live behind bars for some part of my life. That was the first punch.

Of course it left some major scars on me, my life and my marriage. It was a big shock and a trauma. And then, once I recovered the second punch came along… my marriage was at its end.

For about a month, I wasn’t able to move. I literally was lying on the floor all day long. And I thought it would take me just one or two months to recover. Of course it didn’t 😉

Going on a trip again and getting away from all the drama, trauma and pain I had experienced the previous 12 months this trip felt like salvation. Gomera was a great place to recover, dancing with Jonas and working with the Amazonian warrior did the rest.

But hey, being back to Vienna was challenging. Divorce is a rough experience. Rougher than I thought! And there are no shortcuts. And almost all of July I had to lie on the floor again. For a moment it seemed like all the work of the previous few month had had no real effect.

One month ago I finally got divorced and everything suddenly changed. Some people say, what difference does a piece of paper do… what difference does one signature (or in our case 37) do?

Well some things are hard to explain. But as I always say, the biggest prison walls are our dogmas… the biggest prison is in our head.

So how do I feel? Well, not too bad, not too good. But considering what has happened over the last 18 months I am doing great. I was roughed up and now… I am.

The love I feel inside is perhaps even stronger than before. The experience I have gained is priceless.

Being roughed up sounds bad. But in fact those scars tell me who I am 😉