Sacred Valley, Peru

Five days ago I arrived in Peru for my initiation journey on the path to becoming a medicine man.

I carried a lot of weight on my shoulders from the previous weeks where – once again in my life – I sensed danger in delay – and warned my tribe what eventually a shaman would call out to be black magic being applied on our tribe.

It was a rough month for me yet very insightful. The medicine man, Tien, who facilitated my illumination process explained to me that I got psychic attacks by a black magic shaman called Izaka. The whole process was a test for me to level up.

Yesterday my Kambo medicine man – who I do the journey with to the Andes – facilitated a Kambo ceremony. I told him about what happened.

„Brother, your purge was very yellow! Very deep shit came out!“

Gratitude to the brother. I feel like I’ve finally arrived in the here and now again.

The next three weeks will be intense. Already we have done a lot of rituals for our initiation.

Today I will learn how to produce my own hape.

On May 4th I will get initiated on a deeper level in the heart medicine in Chavín de Huántar – the most sacred site for this medicine where it has been applied already more then 3500 years ago.

Getting the opportunity to get initiated there is a great honour as only few people get ceremonial access to the archaeological site.