Being a Rich Kid

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Being rich…

I am a rich kid! At least in some people’s perception!

I consider myself as being rich! Though perhaps in a very different way than many of those who consider me to be.

Some people think I’m rich because my parents are financially wealthy. Well, my parents are, I am not…

I grew up as a spoiled kid… that was as a kid!

When I left Vienna for the first time with 19 I realized how spoiled I was! By the age of 23 I managed to abolish this lovely aspect of my character almost completely. Well, I’m coined… so some of it will have remained perhaps!

I was always confronted with jealousy. I even heard some funny rumors like I’m waiting for my father to die to get all of his money 😉

Sounds like a very sophisticated life-plan to me… waiting for some decades for that little bit of money…

Anyway, one thing is true: My parents always supported me and I would never be where I am today if it wasn’t for them!

But yeah, all that jealousy got me thinking, was it right to take all these things they offered me? Shouldn’t I have worked harder? Shouldn’t I have worked more?


Why should I have?

I mean, I was born into this family. It might have been luck, God’s will, Karma or whatever! I’ve always been working ever since I was 18. So why should I have worked more instead of accepting their support while studying?

It’s like: just because there are people starving around the world, people in West should not eat healthy food.

Yeah right!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you shouldn’t work if you are wealthy! And I have the utmost respect for those who were always self-sufficient, worked hard, fighted and made it! Perhaps I wouldn’t have!

A few days ago a ‘rich kid’ friend of mine wrote me about her inner dilemas at the moment. For some reason most ‘rich kid’ friends I have, feel like they shouldn’t get financial support… all of them being students or working for some good cause.

Why? To prove one can be self-sufficient? Almost anyone (non-psychotic) in the West can be!

Independent of wealth, social standing, personal characteristics or… well, anything, I truly believe in one thing:

Life is not about what you have but if you can value and be aware of it! I truly believe that in life it isn’t so important what you were given but what you make out of whatever it is you were given… inside and outside!

… but yeah, maybe I’m ignorant and just don’t understand ’cause I’m a spoiled rich kid…


PS: Yet not to forget, form the Asian perspective we all are rich kids 😉