I Leave in Peace

The Aegean Sea

As we know, in every conflict there is two sides to the story.

But often, more than the two people in conflict are affected and get involved.

In my most recent conflict, the people who follow the path of rationality and the mind urged me to fight.

But at who’s expense shall I pick that fight?

The ones I love most?!

No… no…

Reality is shaped by our fears, experiences and unconscious bias.

So who am I to judge what is right?

For a moment, I did consider to fight. Yet, fighting often is the result of disappointed love.

So, for sure I will not let generals decide upon my fate and my loved ones.

The damage I would inflict on them by going to battle would be disastrous.

Even if I am right, it would not justify the trauma I would inflict with that fight.

Often, when you love someone, you need to let go. Especially from the ones you love most.

I take full responsibility for my mistakes and surrender to love…

I leave in peace