Feeling Her Heartbeat

Pörtschach am Wöthersee

Three years ago, I published my perhaps second most defining blog entry – Seeker of Truth

It‘s funny, just last week someone told me in the Mayan calendar I am a „White Wizard“ – who is also defined as a seeker of truth… as are the Sufis.

In this entry, I didn‘t solely define my identity further – after the entry Persian Identity – but it was also my first entry I had written in months, and it was also a response to the separation from the mother of my child.

Also, coincidently, I watched “The Last Dance” for the first time during my flight to Vienna and my train trip to Carinthia exactly three years later again.

Yesterday, after three years, for the first time, I had the opportunity to hold my daughter for more then merely a few moments in my arms. She slept in my arms listening to children’s stories. That‘s the one thing I‘ve been seeking for since March 11th 2020… holding my daughter in my arms, letting her feel my heartbeat and love for her, and me feeling hers.

Yesterday, was the first time this was possible, and I am deeply grateful her mother allowed it 🙏