Freak Show?

I remember when I first arrived at OZORA I felt like an alien.

In reality I kinda just had entered another dimension.

People there looked like from another strange planet.

Some are just crazy looking people, others are a bit weird, some again look scary.

The cool thing about Goa festivals is: People don’t really give a shit about how you run around… but only if you act like an idiot or not.

That actually really helps you to be able to discover yourself: In the process you have the chance to discover your own unique style, your true self, as your style becomes the unique expression of your-self.

So, no-one really cares how you look like but how you act like!

You know, at Goa festivals it is common for people to share anything… even if it is scarce: Their water, alcohol, tobacco or anything else…

It is common for participants to take care of each other – e.g. if a glass bottle shatters on the floor, participants will clean it up quickly as almost everyone walks around barefoot. Or when it is blazing hot some people will run around with spray bottles cooling down their fellow participants by spraying water at them.

It is common for participants to hug each other or make random compliments with no sexual intention.

E.g. hammocks are kinda a public good. Usually you can lie down in any of them. The list goes on and on and on…

It feels kinda odd, simply because we are not used to that.

Freak show?

Just imagine people would act like that in the real world!

I love the Goa vibe as it is uncommen to what I am used to in real life.

Maybe it is just me. But in real life I am used to people just taking care of themselves, usually just looking out for themselves, often looking away when something strange happens, usually not really sharing anything with strangers, usually not really caring what is going on around them.

Freak show?

At last week’s festival, I started to wonder: On which side of the entrance is the real freak show?

Who gets to decide?

Well, for me, it is really hard to tell… but perhaps in the meantime, I became one of them… however… don’t ever tell my baby-girl: I guess in reality daddy eventually became one of the biggest freaks at some of those trans-dimensional parties 😳😂😉