Little Paradise


So it’s been a week now that I’ve settled here in Lagos. Although it’s a city and I had planned to live in nature, it’s a very nice city to live in. Essencia simply didn’t properly prepare to host people like me to stay over winter (which get’s fairly cold but more importantly, humid) and their guesthouse is too expensive for me.

So, I live with my Persian family together in a nice apartment in a nice area. The sea is about 10 minutes by foot away and Shirzad and me, we go there every morning for our morning practice, doing Qi Gong on the beach and then breath work before we go into the cold water of the Atlantic ocean. It is not freezing cold yet but we really plan to go throughout the winter and I’m also looking forward to this.

Daytimes I work and in the evenings we either do some type of bodywork, music together or attend one of the many offers like ecstatic dance, yoga, cacao ceremonies, etc. around and connect to cool people.

And while back home it’s becoming winter again, here, after the rain nature are blossoming again like in spring…

The vibe here is amazing. Really, we are so far away from the worries of the war, the pandemic, energy crisis or anything alike. People from all around the world gather here to live, heal, enjoy their lives.

And really, coming here once more showed me how sick and psychotic the energy in Austria is. Austria is like a golden cage, with one of the most beautiful countries in the world and a system that is second to none… but there is still this deeply underlying fascistic subconscious Nazi spirit in the society (that I sometimes can even feel from left-wing people). It is so subtle that you can hardly even grab it once you are there a couple of weeks. However, from the outside you can quite obviously see it, e.g. looking at the presidential elections 2016 when a Nazi got 50% of the votes. “But he is not a Nazi!”… yeah, right, like Trump who’s not a sexual predator 😉

So really, finally I have freed myself from this sick energy. My only concern is my daughter that has to grow up in this braun-hole of a country. Her mother is extremely caring and takes care of all her needs but is yet to be confronted with the racism that our daughter will experience once she is in school… especially in the area that she lives in, which is known to be the brownest of them all. Money can buy her a lot of things but unfortunately not protect her from racism.

So, I really hope they will come here one day and see how beautiful life can be around here so they might also even want to settle in the area and we can live like patchwork family.

South Portugal is amazing, so wildly beautiful with it’s nature, the sun, the ocean… so archaic, with the fire and the winds… so healing with all the sacred medicine work around… so culturally diverse with people from all over the world coming to this place that also used to be an empire… one being connected to places like Brazil and Goa… and you can really feel the vibe of these places here, but it’s in Europe…

Especially if you are a remote worker, it’s the perfect place if you like the vibe of the sun, love the nature, live a spiritual life and want to be truly free…

It’s a little paradise!