There was many journies in my life I took to know myself. And then there is this journey to Peru and at the pinnacle of it Chavin de Huántar.

Chavin is one of the oldest temples in the world and the original temple for huachuma medicine. It was the most important temple where medicine men and women would get initiated.

There are no words that can describe the experience of Chavin. And is was a special honor to go there into ceremony with one of only two people who are allowed to offer ceremonies at the archeological site.

At the holy stone The Lanzón Stela Taitawanka, I was praying for clarity on my path the main message I got was simply to stay true to myself, be myself fully as I am perfectly good as I am and I connected to the ceremony I had on November 17th 2023 when my body became light.

„After so many years of struggling and working on yourself, there is nothing more you need to do, you just need to be… be yourself fully… be(come) a sun!“