Monkey Mind

Kottayam, India

Ten days of a silent meditation retreat was an interesting and intense experience…

Hmm, at least in my head it didn’t seem to be too silent. Actually I didn’t realize until the final day that I wasn’t talking for ten days as my head was “a little bit” noisy most of the time.

Just try it for yourself… just for a minute:

Sit down, start to focus on your breath and think about nothing else (i.e. the past or future)… NOTHING!

Did it work?

Well, if it didn’t… isn’t it pathetic that we cannot even control our mind for a minute?

Come on, it’s just a minute!

Ok, well, don’t feel like a looser… almost nobody can do it!

But just imagine how much your life would change if you actually had your mind under control! Just imagine how much your life could change if you were no longer a slave to your mind!

Well, i personally cannot tell you how it is because the technique I applied during these ten days didn’t work very well for me… in a way at least 😉

One thing I know now is:

I really would like to take over control, rather than being controlled…

So, well, I guess it is up to me now!