Nine Months


When some important events happen, I like to wait to see what’s going on nine months later. Why nine months? Simply because it’s the time between when the seed is planted and the child is born 😉

When I first heard about the Coronavirus in January I had a gut feeling that this would become a big thing. I don’t know why. Maybe it was my intuition but maybe, as a father you start to become more sensitive to potential threats.

I remember quite vividly, when on the evening of March 11th I arrived back home to Vienna from a holiday, I heard the news that the Coronavirus-outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

It was just earlier on that same day that I was called a conspiracy theorist when I talked about an economic crisis being kicked off by the Coronavirus.

When I said that now was the perfect time for people to invest 5% of their wealth into cryptoscurrencies, I was told that cryptos were bullshit.

And I was also told I should go and get a real job.

Well, as a futurist my job is actually to talk about future threats and opportunities.

It is interesting how I was able to predict some less obvious things so precisely but not the most obvious one: That there would be a lockdown.

Some people tell me today how obvious it was on that day already that there would be a lockdown. But on that day, when I left Corinthia, it was not at all obvious to me. In fact I would not have left Corinthia without the ones I loved if I had at all anticipated it. 

Looking back, yes, it was obvious, but at that time… no… it was still inconceivable to me. And not just to me:  In fact most people had hoped that when Italy went into lockdown only two days earlier (as the first European country) that everything was under control now – well it had also helped in China. And so had I hoped. In fact what today seems to be like something quite „normal“ was inconceivable when we entered March: That a European country would EVER go into a lockdown.

When on the 13th I heard the first rumours about a lockdown I wanted to go back to Corinthia and pick up my loved ones. But they denied and decided to prolong their holiday for the moment… however, eventually they decided to stay for good…

Today, nine months have passed. 

„Conspiracy theorist!“? The World Economic Forum announced „The Great Reset“ based on a recession – which will, in my humble opinion, have a profound transformational effect on us and possibly even spark off the most innovative era in humankind.

„Shitcoins!“? Bitcoin has almost increased by 4,5 times (450%) since its lowest point in March.

„Get a job!“? Today Austria’s most prestigious artist and speaker agent wants to sign me.

Well, one eye laughs and one eye cries 😂😭😜