Friday two weeks ago I had one of the most beautiful days of my life. I am really grateful for the people who were present and especially thankful to the one who allowed that day to take place and be so special.

It felt like the war I had experienced inside finally came to an end.

And then a few days later a real war on the outside started. And as for many, it was really hard for me to accept.

War is always wrong, yet often we do not choose to go to war. Sometimes it seems to be inevitable from one side or both. Sometimes we feel like we have to react, even if one or both of sides do not necessarily want it, yet, they do not see another solution. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding and sometimes it’s not but just a very different perspectives of reality where both sides believe they need to defend themselves and what is precious to them.

The binary concept of good and bad, right and wrong is just an illusion.

There is only different perceptions, perspectives, believes and interests that eventually lead to certain actions.

That doesn’t mean, there’s no borderline of what is okay and what is not.

I’m just saying that the concepts that most people believe in is that in every story there’s a good person and there is the bad person. Yet, that the storyline is ever that obvious is just an illusion (The famous Tao sign of yin yang also symbolises what I am talking about). However, there are misguided people. And one of them is threatening the world at the moment.

I have been misguided myself multiple times in my life and made mistakes beyond repair. And I have to live with the consequences. This is also one way to understand karma.

The only thing I can say today is that when I am in a position of power I need to be very careful with that power. I need to be humble and self-aware. What personally helps me is that I try to be true to myself and get an outside perspective of people who have a truly pure heart and no vested interest. And this is sometimes really hard to find. I experienced again and again that there are even people are very close to me that want to kinda control who I am, somehow seek for my dependency, or are simply jealous of my good fortune. The problem with counsellors and consultants often is that they often also have a vested interest (influence or profit).

That’s why I’m happy that I learned how to use the ability to connect to the source and have a different understanding. Yet, also my ego has a vested interest 🤣 And often it is hard to tell if you’re connected to the source or the ego 😉

Yet, deep inside you always know what is true or to do.

Anyway, it is very sad to see when peoples and individuals get to the point where there is no return. They used to be brothers or lovers or even family.

And at some stage it get’s to the point:

We also used to be friends and more than anything, I truely miss our friendship.