Vienna Airport

In ancient times kings preparing for war would go to Delphi asking the gods for their guidance and their blessings.

The events in the last few weeks lead me to the conclusion to finally break my silence.

I know if I do, she will bring hell upon me with the resources she has.

But I have nothing to lose any longer.

And I’m no longer ready to endure what I did for so long for the sake of my loved ones.

Red lines have been crossed!

Over the last three weeks I’ve been preparing, screening all the evidence I have – which is a lot – and talking to the people I needed to. Now, I pay a visit to the gods in Delphi asking the gods for their guidence and blessings.

I always wanted my version of the truth to be told but for the sake of peace and respect I held back.

I have no reason to hold back any longer.