Reality Check III

VIE – long day, long night… I finally arrive at Vienna airport!

Vienna is hot… it’s hotter than hot… it’s hotter than India!

Arriving in Vienna… it really feels good this time… I stay quiet for three days… on the fourth I meet the usual suspects at a graduation party!

Welcome back to Vienna!

How long will I stay?

I really enjoy Vienna this time… well, it’s summertime!

And then… a nine day “retreat”…

ReAliTy CHecK!!!

I’m like a fat, lazy politician with a pumped up ego who’s clowning himself!

I get disillusioned by the one who called himself my master!

It’s true… I’m fat and lazy and I truly have a pumped-up ego…

That’s something to work with… here and now… not looking for something to come up in the future!


I leave in respect!


One last week in Vienna… short but intense!

I can’t get no sleep…

I feel like in a dream!

Twenty eight years have passed… my father meets his best friend again…

A family reunites!

And then… an unexpected job offer!

So at last… might I really become a big, fat, lazy politician with a pumped-up ego?

Well, for now I’m back to India…