Seven Months and Trippin

Colombo, Sri Lanka

So for those of you who thought – reading my last two posts – that I finally found the true meaning of my life by becoming a suicide bomber… I have to disappoint you… well I am in Colombo now but I have nothing to do with the bomb attacks yesterday night!

No no, my last message was not my final prayer and the one before was no hidden hint indicating a final mortal action (so even if I […] die, I die happy)!

Seven months ago I started this trip searching for something and in a way it feels like I have found this thing… though I cannot put it in words…

So in a way this trip is over and if I believe those strange dervishes I should stop writing! They say someone is going to kill me for saying (writing) these things I see. That is perhaps the reason why (I guess) Socrates should have become a poet like those dervishes.

Or maybe I just didn’t get the meaning of their poems…

Anyway… I’m not Socrates and I’m no poet (in a way this blog gets repetitive… or I have a deja vu).

So I could also listen to that Viennese crackhead’s advice called Falco who said in one of his songs:

“Lass diese Reise niemals enden, das Tun kommt aus dem Sein allein”

Yeah, I’m not gonna stop trippin… and I’ll write some thing 😉