The Grandfather Ceremony


Thursday was one of my most stressful birthdays ever. I had to get prepared for my trip and celebrate 😉

Friday, I was travelling all day long.

Saturday the ritual at the Temple of the Earth started. It was the third of five rituals I started for the transition into my new life.

I love these rituals. The way they build up. The way you look at people at the beginning and the end and everything that happens in between.

We started with our intentions. One tamazcal stone with an intention for ourself and the second for one loved one that needs healing. For a moment I thought to choose another person but I ended up with my father as he is seriously ill. I hesitated… also the psychic I work with had made a hint – just first week before his diagnosis – that he might not live very much longer as he is already on his farewell ride. It somehow feels strange to wish for someone to live longer that has already decided to go. So I wished for the healing he needs before he goes.

So we start with the tamazcal/sweatlodge and although I love sauna, tamazcal is challenging in a very different way. And I love it. Every time you do it, it feels like a rebirth.

And then the medicine, the grandfather, for me it is really subtle but very powerful… very powerful.

I came here to have a proper landing into my new life. And, wow, what a ritual. What a start into the next chapter. What a landing back to Portugal.

So after two cups we sat at the bond-fire and the people were addressing the bond-fire as grandfather fire. So I thought I might just ask my grandfather for his blessing and support. And then it hit me. It was on that day 43 years ago when he was murdered in jail for being the powerful and charismatic man he was. Officially it was rated as suicide but in reality he was beaten to death – otherwise he would have had a solid head.

What a better day to get a blessing of my grandfather than on the anniversary of his death. And then I wondered… “Shall I get politically active now?” It took me a while to ask him but his answer was a definite “No!”

I was a bit confused and then looked up the sky. I see one of the most beautiful star skies I’ve every seen. And then I say out spontaneously “Why the fuck did I stay for the last two months in Austria?”… “Because I wanted my daughter to feel my love for her and how much I miss her. And one day, I will play Cosmic Game with her and show her that amazing star sky.”