Mamo Major

Santa Marta

The visit to the Momo Major of the Kogi tribe was one of the most blissful and surreal experiences of my life.

A Mamo is a spiritual leader in the various indigenous tribes of the Sierra Nevada. The Mamo Major is the leader of these spiritual leaders. Mamos are chosen during their childhood to be Mamos and raised in darkness in a cave buried most of the time of at least nine years in the earth to connect to the earth.

It is one of the toughest spiritual trainings there is throughout all spiritual traditions worldwide.

We spend one week with the Mamo – only four of us – living at the farm of his family, sleeping with him in his maloka (kinda hut). A true privilege as usually there is way more people around him and he usually doesn’t have that much time to dedicate to each person.

Where we lived, the structures were very basic. No toilettes and showers and no water system. We would spend most of our spare-time in the nearby river, cleansing ourselves and also drinking the water from the river. It was a beautiful experience of nature.

During the day we would ask our questions and at night the Mamo would work energetically on us.

When I asked him about my purpose, he validated what others have already said in the past about me… being a curandero, healing with my voice and being a psychic.

The most powerful moment was the moment we got blessed. It was not just powerful but also funny as Tien was joking around to make the Mamo laugh.

And the most surreal moment was the moment when we did medicine work next to the river with Tien. When the Mamo’s grandchildren came to look for us and made Instagram pictures of themselves while Flow and me purged out guts out… just a few meters besides them.

Also, it was kinda surreal when we saw guys with rifles running around, but we got used to it… to the point that when we saw that the guy who took us back to Palomino had a gun under his lap and it didn’t irritate us anymore.

The experience with the Mamo was a bit different then I expected… still, very deep, very blissful.

He confirmed that project Tien, Flow and me work on is part of the Kogi prophecy. That’s why we came, why we got cleansed and blessed.

Looking back one day, I guess this will have been one of the most important trips of my life.

Now being in Santa Marta, I am alone. I could have flown back with Flow, but I feel like there is still something for me to explore here in South America.

Let’s see what’s up next…