The Story in Your Head

It’s funny how sometimes we create stories in our heads that then come to life inside and we start to believe them.

Sometimes it’s stories that comfort us and other at times it’s stories that discomfort us.

But usually it’s stories that serve our narrative and align with our confirmation bias.

Actually, I wanted to write about something else just now. But when I opened my text editor to write an entry, I coincidentally got to read a message I wrote three years ago. It was written for a person who had projected all different types of stories onto me and acted in alignment to that stories – not reality.

I sometimes wonder how one can break through this cycle of constructed reality and confirmation bias.

I truly believe there is not many ways to do it. One can be altered states of consciousness as e.g. with holotropic breathwork. Another is to change your usual environment for a prolonged period of time or – even better – traveling – expanding our consciousness either through inside or outside changes of perspectives. And then, personally, I like to provoke people. Not for the sake of annoying them but because provocation is an effective way to inspire new perspectives.

So sometimes when one of these conditions is met, we wake up and we start to realize that all that time, we were just kinda hypnotized.

It is never too late to admit to ourselves that we were wrong or hypnostized. It just gets so much harder the longer we hold on to a flawed narrative. And that’s where we subconsciously build our own invisible prison that some consider to be hell and others to be paradise – yet, it’s just a prison… and the key is in your hand.

I wonder in which prison I’m in right now.