The Vienna Experience

Istanbul, Turkey

It’s a bit strange: Now that I am in Istanbul I write about the “Vienna experience”. I should get in sync again…

Vienna was an interesting experience!

It’s funny: Many people consider me to be on a holiday… me travelling to Asia, not to Vienna. I myself considered Vienna to be some kind of holiday compared to the rest of my trip…

Though that’s not exactly true either… only relatively seen. In reality I was not too exited to go back to Vienna as I wasn’t sure what I would have to face there.

So what does that mean?

Coming back to Vienna was a real challenge! Coming back means facing myself, especially those aspects of my character and life I preferred not to face in the past. Therefore, coming back means facing the past… facing my life there… my reality there!

So coming back to Vienna is part of that whole trip… although the stopover was not planned…

One thing about this city is: supposedly it is my home! I grew up there, yet, I never felt at home there!

Arriving in Vienna was much easier than I had expected… apart form the temperature! But I won’t complain… my maple-leaf friend had a 70 degree Celsius drop… anyway…

I had a warm welcome from one of my closest friends and I felt at home in the city I never did.

My first night in Vienna was a very special one!

But in the end I had a tough time in Vienna. It was very cold! And I don’t only talk about temperature. There was a reason why I wasn’t exactly exited about coming back.

I see it positively! Vienna is like a “reality-check” for me. So what’s my reality back home?

There was something with Plato and a cave… but maybe I can recall that another time… anyway…

Blood is thicker than water!

I have a few good friends there!

Conflicts don’t solve if you don’t go right at their roots but only their manifestations!

It is easy to dislike this city when you are in it for too long and it is easy to become nostalgic about it when you are out of it for some time!

People in Vienna drink a lot of alcohol!

Vienna is “Valium-City”!

Vienna is like Babylon!

I hate that city!

I love that city!

I seem to be confused, no?!?

Perhaps I have to come back for some more reality-checks…

But maybe the following explains something:

Vienna is the city with the fourth highest quality of life in the world.

Vienna is the city with the second highest suicide rate in the world!


Perhaps people there are a bit confused, no?!?

So maybe people there drink a lot of alcohol so they have less suicide thoughts?

Alcohol seems to be a true bliss 😉