Turning Point?

Last Winter Solstice I apologized to the mother of my child for my wrongdoings through a voice message as she never gave me the chance to look her into her eyes and doing it in person.

But what value does an apology have when the other does not know or see that it is sincere?

Yesterday, after 21 months for the first time I had to chance to do it in person. I seized the moment and made a reference with which I made a clear confession, then I apologized and asked for forgiveness.

Is this the turning point?

As I said in the past. I believe it usually takes a pregnancy-cycle for a seed that is planted to evolve into a child 😉

So let’s see what happens by autumn 2022.

Happy winter solstice, Yalda and beginning of winter everyone.

My winter solstice trance ritual: Trance Ritual on Soundcloud

Ya hagh