Victim of Abuse?

It’s funny how we keep doing the same things to our children that our parents have done to us.

And instead of understanding, breaking through and stopping the pattern, our ego always finds an excuse to justify repeating it instead of transcending.

If you have children, “you don’t need karma”. How much they truly love you and how they will treat you once they’ve grown up, is basically your karma.

And if you do the same thing to them that your parents did to you, they might well hate you – and you should have known better, shouldn’t you?!

And if your reaction to avoid this is now to make them your best friend forever (and subconsciously hope they never will really go through puberty to become emotionally independent), think again: It’s merely a continuation of the pattern as you are falling back on the only thing you know… how your parents have dealt with it.

You know what they call this pattern?

Emotional abuse!

Many people don’t take emotional abuse seriously, yet, it is abuse! And it is no less severe on a child’s development than physical or sexual abuse… perhaps even more.

So, if all of this applies to you it would actually be a clear sign of you having been a victim of abuse too. And you always have the choice to face your pain and fears, instead of fooling yourself, pretending you have it all figured out. Facing your parental abuse is perhaps the most painful thing there is – they were the ones supposed to protect you – yet they abused you.

But most likely they did, not because they are inherently bad people but because they were either abused themselves, or out of love – they loved you so much, so they subconsciously made you emotionally dependent, so you would always love them. Yet, that doesn’t make it less unhealthy.

Having been abused is not your fault, but it’s your responsibility not to carry it on to your children… it is an ultimate necessity to face this issue if you have children, ’cause you really don’t want to unconsciously abuse your children.

But yeah, you know, I’ve been there too, it’s hard to admit to yourself, that you were emotionally abused by the people you love… and it’s even harder not to pass it on.

So, if you really were a victim of abuse, the natural tendency of your ego will now be to call me crazy or project all sorts of crazy stuff onto me, so you can just continue to abuse and pretend as if everything was ok.

It’s easier to get rid of the person who mirrors the truth than facing the truth – even though he wants only the best for you✌🏽