Another Crossroad

Athens Airport

So, at last I moved to a dear friend’s home as I couldn’t bare with the cats and cockroaches any longer.

I had a great time with my friend, although we stayed inside all the time – outside it still has more than 40 degrees. Just yesterday more than 120 new wildfire bursted out in Greece, the one in Athens only being one of them.

So we had some great food and deep conversations on life, love and narcissism.

As one of our friends is highly manipulative and has some other interesting traits we started to suspect that person might be narcissistic.

Eventually we read a bit about signs of narcissistic abuse and had some fun and some more hints 😉

Our converstions lead us to realize that most people’s life is merely a reaction to one or both parents.

I wondered if my life is too. Well of course my first reaction was “No!”

But if most people’s life is, why should I be the exception?!

In any case, to be grown up means really to outgrow the subconscious urge to react to your parents, doesn’t it?

But perhaps that’s enlightenment… who knows.

I’ll need some time to digest that 😉

For now I’m waiting at the airport to take my flight to… well, actually i have two options. In about an hour I have a flight from Athens to Crete, and in a few more hours, I have another flight from Athens to Budapest… will I go to meet some people who might be my future in Athens or will I go to the reinvented OZORA and do another ritual?

The more I approached to the airport the more I got seduced by my desire to stick to my original plan to go back to OZORA. Another crossroad… either decision will likely be decisive for my future path.

Let’s see, I need to decide now and stop writing. So I’ll solve this one like many of my big decisions in life… I’ll let fate decide ✌🏽