Armed Robbery

Tena, Ecuador

Sunday evening I went for dinner, alone. Usually, I would go out with Tien but that night he didn’t feel like dinner.

After my dinner I went back towards my hotel. On the central square in the city center of Quito I sat down to chill a bit before going home.

After about 5 minutes I suddenly felt someone hitting in my head and then chocking me for behind while another guy attacked me from the front. In his hand he had a big knife that would even make Crocodile Dundee jealous.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t shocked at all and remained fully relaxed. While the guy attacking me from the front tried to open the pocket of my jacket I repeated saying „tranquillo hermano, toma que quieras, todo es bien!“ and I didn’t try to resist. For one moment I had thought of resisting and fighting back. But fortunately I didn’t have any of my jewellery on. If they were gonna take anything unique from me, I will have resisted, but money and mobiles are replaceable and not worth the risk of leaking…

And they only took my mobile phone and ran away. They must have observed me as they new exactly that my mobile phone was in the right pocket of my jacket. They didn’t even try to find my wallet.

Once they ran away, I stood up, and walked towards my hotel.

Back at the hotel I deleted all data on my iPhone through Apple’s online service.

I was surprised how calm I remained. I didn’t feel any shock, any trauma response or anything alike. I was just happy that nothing serious happened nor was I hurt.

The next day I told Tien what has happened.

„I wonder why this happened. I wonder what it has to do with my energy? I mean, that’s the first time this ever happened to me and I was in way more dangerous places and situations before“ I said.

„You seem to be more in the Here and Now, after this incident!“ he responded, „The last few days I felt like you are quite in your mind and absent.“

I nodded.

Sometimes these situations are big teachings…

Actually, once you leave the victim mindset behind, everything becomes a teaching or a sign…