The True Taita and the Emerald Ring

Vale do Amanhecer, Brasil

So, eventually, we found a true taita with a pure heart in the Amazonas of Ecuador.

We travelled through the land boarder from Columbia to Ecuador to Tena.

And from Tena we went into the Amazonas. This time it was not three hours up the hill but rather an hour through the jungle.

We worked with medicine for the first three nights, then had two days of rest before we continued to work another three days with medicine before we returned.

The medicine was intense. I had diarrhoea for almost the whole week, and felt kinda sick most of the time

It was also an interesting experience not having internet connection for nine days.

A lot of things came up during that week… from truely understanding that I am aging (and that it is in my hands if I age well), over reflecting various relationships in my life to what is up for me to do next.

Well, I for one, I will continue with telling the stories of wisdom. I’m actually not exactly sure why I stopped with them. But it kinda feels like they could be an pivotal part of my future.

And there were so many other insights and thoughts that it would exceed the scope of this entry.

In any case, this experience was really challenging.

Tien felt similarly… always laughing saying: „People believe the path of the Shaman is an easy path!“

It is not… this experience almost felt like prison!

I’m happy I got out of there alive. Yet, I didn’t get out of there healthy.

Eventually I had either e-coli or amoeba or both. Thanks for antibiotics I’m fine again.

I had about five days in Bogota to fully recover and find an emerald ring for myself. A mission that started in the desert of Sinai.

Columbia famously has the best emeralds in the world.

I looked at maybe more then 100 000 emeralds and many thousands of rings.

In the end I forged my own, in the workshop of a jewellery store.

This is definitely not my most beautiful ring, but I forged it myself.

So, finally I am in Brasil, in Vale do Amanhecer – the valley of the mediums.

Next time I’ll tell you more about here.