Compromising My Vision

On this day two years ago I had a major blow.

Today I understand why.

A guy who used to work for a tech company attended a keynote speech I held at a conference in 2015. He thought I was a visionary and he believed I could help his company. Its turnover had halved over the previous five years and they didn’t know what to do.

When I met the CEO of the company for the first time he made me believe that he was seriously interested to develop a new business model.

I had a clear vision as I was able to see how it would be possible to develop a new business model without having to fire people while putting their potential into full action.

However, it turned out that the CEO was so full of preconceptions, old paradigms and dogmas that he neither understood my vision nor was he willing to trust me. Fair enough… it was his company. And basically, he wanted me to tell him he could just proceed without any changes.
Hey man, your turnover halved over the last five years 😉

Well, in any case it was my mistake. When we started the project he wanted me to proceed in a different way then I had outlined in my offer. I compromised as I thought he will start to trust me later on in the journey. He never did and I truly believe that this was the case, as I was willing to compromise.

So he cancelled the project with me. Thus far it was the biggest project I had ever been hired for. So that was a major blow for me.

Looking back I realize a couple of things:

When I was younger, when I was telling people what I see in them or a certain situation, they would usually tell me I’m crazy or weird. Well, actually that is still often the case 😉 And then, I would try to convince them and weaken my-SELF.

The difference now is, that when I look back, I can see that I was usually right… not always, but usually.

Often things I had forseen did fulfill just many years later. However, when I was younger, I didn’t have that experience yet but today… I do… not being modest, I actually quite have a track record of future developments I have predicted.

So one of the things I learned over the last couple of months is to trust my-SELF again and trust in my own truth, no matter how crazy or weird people think I am.

There is so much I see in people… so much I see in situations. Usually it’s much more then people see in themselves or the situations they are in.

And often when I tell people my vision, they will only believe in a tiny bit of it. They will often only use a tiny bit of it. They will often only take a tiny bit of it.

It’s like, I offer people to build a paradise garden but they just go for conventional one.

Too bad for me?

No it’s really simple:

I will start again to share what I see with people but simply just work or spend time with those who are willing to trust me… no matter how crazy that stuff sounds. And usually, it sounds quite crazy… so usually you really need to overthrow your old paradigms… or trust me 😜