Deep down the Sea

In the depth of the sea you find riches beyond imagination,
but if you seek safety, stay near the shore.

Saadi, Rose Garden

For quite some time this was the quote that welcomed the visitors of the website for my counseling services. Today, I believe to understand, why I didn’t have that many clients then: It must have scared the hell out of them 😜

Eventually, I would take the quote offline. Not for commercial reasons though but because – with some changes in my private life – it perhaps scared the hell out of me 😉

I guess I am back on track now for some deep sea diving. Yet, of course, I’m neither always aware of my fears nor my tricky ego. So I also stay near the shore at times.

However, if I truly want to encounter someone, I know no better place to encounter.

Yet, to do so, trust is necessary.

Love is necessary.

Mindfulness is necessary.

But once these preconditions are given it’s the only place I’d like to encounter.

It’s like paradise… exploring together riches beyond imagination 😉