Final Call?

This morning my mother called. My brother in Iran who was jailed as being a leader of the current recolution was released on bail last week. She said perhaps it’s the last opportunity for to talk to him as today his verdict will be announced in court.

Under normal circumstances, he would get three to five years in prison, which can already be leathal in Irans prisons. But under a decree issued recently, the demonstrations in Iran are declared a “war against God”.

That implies the death penalty.

I called him. All this weeks I kinda felt numb when I thought about him and the situation. Maybe I believed that I would talk to him again.

But when I called him this morning, tears streamed down my face.

He picked up the phone.

It was hard for me to keep my voice calm, trying not to let him know that I fear the worst.

He started talking about how he felt and what he experienced the last weeks for a few minutes and then he said “Tell me something about your life.”

I said I came back to Vienna because my father is not well and to see my daughter, also telling him that things are getting better with her mother.

And then I told him about lucid dreaming and how I focus now on going deeper on it and gave him, possibly, my last teaching in this lifetime.

He thanked me and wanted to fare me well.

“Brother, one more thing!” I say “You are a hero of Iran!”

“There is much bigger heroes than me!” he responded.

“There always is!” I reinforce “And still, you are one of them… and also a true dervish! Never forget, whatever they do, they can take your life, yet, your influence will always live in others and in me. They can kill you but your poems will live forever! Ya hagh!”