What a year… really…

There is so many things I am grateful for:

My father still being alive.

My daughter seeking for being with me.

Her mother making the effort of trying to be the best mother she can be.

Us having direct dialogues again for the first time in 2 1/2 and the peace it creates.

And eventually, after almost three years – I would never had thought that I would ever be grateful for that – for the person who chased me away from my family that I loved so much and the life I though would be my future on March 11th 2020… eventually leading me to start a new life in a new country this year… something that wouldn’t have been possible without her “intervention” and the unbearable pain it inflicted on me, so I had to leave the country to bear with it.

For the shaman that created “The Ring”.

For my new Persian family.

For the shaman that initiated me into becoming a warrior of the heart.

For Boom for being baptised Ahasveros.

For OZORA for dancing my sacred dance again.

For Koochooloo for her beauty and love.

For the Greek gods of initiating me into a sacred circle.

For the Turning Point in my life.

For the 50 people that came to my first public ceremony that I facilitated at the winter solstice in South Portugal.

Wow… what a year…