Today two years ago my daughter was born. Life is the ultimate celebration of life… it is the biggest gift that life can make.

A child belongs to both parents, yet is the property of none. And it brings so much joy to both families it derives from.

I still remember the magic and joy our child brought to us and our whole families and the six most beautiful months of my life thereafter.

It was a privilege to be able to witness my first daughter’s birth and I am grateful that the mother of our child let me be there.

I am grateful that the mother of our child gave birth to a healthy, intelligent and beautiful child.

I am grateful that she gave my family and especially my parents the joy and hope that comes with the first grandchild.

I am grateful that she allowed our linage to be continued, which always felt like a burden to me, since I didn’t want our millennia old Persian dynasty to end with me.

I am grateful, that the mother of our child was a strong mother and gave me the space from the beginning on while I was consumed with building a future for our family.

I am grateful, that she takes care of all the worldly needs of our daughter.

And I am grateful that she takes care of the emotional needs of our child a mother can give.

I am grateful that she is the best mother that she can be.

And I am grateful that she really tried hard to be a family although I obviouly didn’t fit into her world.

Eventually, it didn’t work out – however hard both of us tried.

There is simply a very deep gap in our values and our perception of life.

And although I disagree with her conclusions about me and, therefore, how she deals with the situation I am still grateful – grateful that she is the mother of our child.

Without her there wouldn’t be this miracle, our child.

Last year after the constellation work my spiritual teacher said that our daughter has her own karma and that this is the life situation she chose to be born into.

I love you Xenia Minou…

Koochooloo Kakadu