Poseidon’s Throne


On Saturday the 14th I experience one of the most intense days of my life. And although I have already written two entries, I really feel like it would not honour that experience, if I wouldn’t explicitly share my experiences of that day.

About a week earlier I had arrived in Chania were I met my friend Girogos and one of his friends. We did a road trip through Crete with his old-timer – us three, a dog and a cat.

I mean Giorgos is crazy. And that means something when I say it. Just look at his car and how we traveled.

The trip was wild. He rode his car as if it was a Humvee. And also – amongst other things – we slept in open air next to a chapel, in a Mitato (a shepard’s home in the mountains – and no it was not an Aurbnb, we just occupied it for the night) and on the beach.

After a week we arrived in Ierapetra and on Friday I moved on alone to Chrysi Island as I felt like I needed some time alone and it was obvious that I would go deep (inside) and do another ritual.

I went there with my small backpack, my hammock and knew that I would only be able to make it as long as my powerbank would last.

On Saturday I got up at around 6:30 am. I did some deep breathwork to get me into an altered state of consciousness. I love to explore places like this in an altered state of consciousness.

The wind was blowing hard… really hard. I thought it was the usual climate on this island. The whole scenery was kinda surreal. I mean, the wind was so strong that it would constantly blow sand into my face but i was kinda feeling like a natural pealing – I could even lean back into the wind and let go without falling down – combined with the tiny shells that is basically the sand, the abandoned buildings and vehicles (motorbikes and quads with no engine inside any longer) and bones of animals lying around.

I wasn’t sure, if I was hanging out in reality or a type of Mad-Max scenery or on Mars.

As I was exploring the wind started to blow so strong that even my beard couldn’t handle it any longer 😉

At some point the moment dragged me towards a special spot where I found fossilised shells surrounded a kind of pod that was an access to the see. In a straight line in from of the that pod in about 100 and 200 meters rocks came out of the see. The waves were high and fast – driven by the wind. I sat at in the pod looking at this divine play of the waves hitting the rocks in front of me. It just looked like massive wxplosions of water. It was possibly the most beautiful natural spectacle I have every experienced in my life. This spot seemed like a throne and a divine gate to the sea.

And then, the see called me… that I should go in and swim in it. It almost dragged me like a strong magnet. For a moment I questioned my sanity. The waves were really high and wild and I wondered if I would be able to make it alive.

Yet, I felt like I had to go in. I felt like the goda were calling me to swim with them.

And then I though: “Did I come here to die?”

Stan Grof once said, the wish to die is usually the wish for rebirth. And yes, I had the wish to be reborn. And then I thought – even if I die, I will be reborn again. And if I die, I die at one of the most beautiful places on earth. A spot were gods are born, made love and die.

I prepared myself to go in.

And then…

Xenia Minou

If I would die here, now I will never be able to be a good father for her… and perhaps people will tell her, I committed suicide.

But being there as a father in this lifetime is an illusion anyway, as her mother acts like she wants to cancel me out of our childs life.

So I felt like I had to go in.

I take my mobile to write to a friend:

“Brother, from this day on know: whenever i leave it’s not suicide, it’s just me making love with life”

But that moment my battery dies.

So I stay… “tomorrow is another day…”

The rest of the day, is just one of the most beautiful days of my life – only poets could describe it.

This surreal island, the wind, the waves.

Later, when I go to get a drink at the beach bar, I saw that nobody is around. It almost seems like the island is evacuated, although the wind got less and less hard and the waves much flatter the later it became.

And in fact – as I found out later – it was. The wind was not just strong, it was a proper coastal storm and there was a tornado warning the island was evacuated. But I was so far off the beaten track away from the tourists, that nobody told and found me. And I had thought this was just the normal climate of the island 🤣

Lucky bastard, once again, just like in ancient Delphi when I had this divine experience all alone because I was lucky enough that it was raining like hell and that there were no tourists.

In the evening the healer I work with called during our conversation I realised that I needed to make the funeral for my hope that one day my ex, our daughter and me will be a happy family again.

So I did the next day.

Eventually, the next day although still very windy the storm was over. I executed the ritual and then went into the sea. It was by far not as windy as the day before and although the waves were still high, they were by far not as high as the day before.

Back to Athens I tell my friends the story. Both respond “Seems like you discovered Poseidons Throne”

Lucky bastard… I am grateful for these divine, surreal, epic, tranformative, tourist free experiences I keep making here in greece, first in Delphi Zeus and Apollon, and now on Chrysi Poseidon 😉