Kambo XXIX

Mijas, Spain

I encountered the warrior medicine once again. And once again it was offered to me at the right moment in time.

This time it was applicated directly on my heart chakra. “When we made the appointment, I had the feeling we should go on the heart. It is very powerful. It’s for the warriors of the the heart.” he smiles, “It is very intense, most likely you will faint. Are you ready?”

To be honest, for the first time in a long time I was a bit worried… I’m neither the youngest, nor the healthiest and while the curandero prepares nine dots of the frog poison to put on the heart I’m like, “Yeah, whatever, I know the soul is infinate!” 😉

And then I start to feel the poison in the body and as usual, there is this wtf moment “Why the fuck am I actually doing this?!”

And this time, I am reeeally struggeling. It kinda feels like the first few times. The purge doesn’t want to come… eventually everything turns black and I pass out for the first time with Kambo. I regain consciousness and just feel a bit better… a bit.

“Use the finger!”

I purge, but not a lot…

But suddenly it is over. However long Input the finger deep down my throught no more purge comes. It seems premature. I kinda feel like I held back or resisted… like I failed…

After leaving the house I just drive a kilometer down the road, not really knowing where I am. I park next to the sea with a nice view… and fall asleep. About an hour later I wake up and urgently have to take a shit. Like, I’m gonna shit my pants any moment. I start the car to find the next best place to take one.

It’s funny how life sometimes takes us to places to give us a sign: The next best place is the posh fish restaurant I was once invited to celebrate a birthday with friends – the ones I needed to leave behind me because I couldn’t bear processing their shit any longer. And there I go… I have one of the most relieving shits of my life. In chinese medicine the large intestine represents the ability of letting go…

The Kambo session found it’s end…

Life is so beautiful… really… I am so grateful to be able to learn so deeply from the shit I encounter. Looking at my own shit but also from processing other people’s shit ✌🏽

I learn who I used to be, I learn who I am and I learn what my soul tells me who I am supposed to be.