I don’t care

In my latest interview about a month ago, one of the participants said at some point something like “Just like Ricky Gervais, you simply don’t care!”

This sentence made me think. In a way he truly nailed it.

I remember when I saw Denis Rodman in an interview a few years ago when he continuously repeated when being confronted with seemingly embarrassing facts “I don’t give a shit!” It made me realize how much shit I gave then about so many things.

The last couple of years, really have changed a lot inside of me. And since travelling in Portugal I really started not to care about so many things. So many things that previously seemed to be so important to me and that I feel now are part of that psychotic Austrian vibe.

E.g. it’s funny, how my speaker agent tried to make me a B-list celebrity in Austria and made me seriously believe that it was something to aspire. Becoming a B-list celebrity for the price of losing my authenticity… ah… no thanks…

For real, I mean, for so many years I gave a shit about so many things.

When you do, then you are subject to blackmail… in so many respects.

And when I watched my interview when it was published, I realized: Yeah, I really don’t care… anymore…

This interview was the most authentic thing I shared in a long time.

I mean, really, I don’t care any longer what the people think. If they think I became a hippie, with my look. Or a pseudo-guru with my tone. Or a conspiracy theorist, when I say, it is not possible to speak the truth anymore. Or a psycho with some of the things I do or did. Or think something like “Huh? Wasn’t he a futurist? Covid made him a hippie guru!”

I don’t care 🤣

It feels so good to be finally free. I really don’t care, what people think about me, if I share my truth, in interviews, social media, in court or in front of my friends and family.

Once you realize, you have much more to win when you share your own truth, are true to yourself and live your own truth you are either crazy or you are finally free 🤙🏽