The Emerald King

Al Gharb

Let me tell you my untold story of Boom Festival 2023:

I tried to arrive at the festival at the earliest possible time – at 6 am when they opened the gates – as I was told that the good spots at the artist camp are quickly taken.

I arrived at eleven…

The only spot in the shade left was next to a camper van – having to stick right next to it.

I asked the lady sitting in it if it was okay if I put my tent right next to her van.

“Yes, sure!”

Later that day, I realized that she was the only person to have a camper van in the artist camp 🤷🏽‍♂️

The next day, I understood why… once I met her with her entourage…

Lex Empress…

Transdimensional being, psychic… and the voice of Boom Festival.

Apart from being the voice of Boom, she sings soulsongs… a song she channels for you…

Ok, I’ll try 😉

Fast-forward: Before my awakening ceremony in November, the Shaman said, I heal with my voice, my words and my hands. So, searching for someone to potentially help me with further developing my voice I remembered Lex offering desert retreats.

So, a month ago, I checked the internet… ah… the next retreat fits right in between my trip to Vienna, where I set the foundation for the rest of my life, and my dad’s 75th birthday.

So then… I went to the desert…

On the first afternoon of the retreat, Lex channeled my second soul song… mentioning an emerald at the core of my work.

That made me remember what another psychic said, whom I had consulted two years ago. She said that in another dimension, I used to be a king and a seer who had an emerald that gave him the power to see – being clairvoyant. She continued to say that my purpose is to be a seer.

That night, I told Lex about the story of the king, who was clairvoyant through the emerald.

“That’s your purpose, my love.”


The desert was a profound experience. Old patterns came up, and I also kept distracting myself. Yet, something happened on a deeper level.

Soulsong… it’s your individual medicine song, full of codes and hints for your healing, growth and life…

At the end of the retreat, I received my final soulsong.

Lex explained that what I might experience now is the last resistance before fully surrendering.

And then she revealed to me, that us meeting at Boom was no coincidence.

And then the empress said she sees who I really am…

The Emerald King…