Have you every heard of Kintsugi?

At first glance it merely looks like a method for repairing broken pottery or a design style.

Once we dig deeper we discover a whole philosophy of honoring the beauty of imperfection and “mis-takes” that teaches us to expose and embrace our failure.

Kintsugi is a Zen art form – a Zen practice – of accepting reality… rather than hiding imperfection – the cracks – by highlighting and patching them with lacquer and gold one transforms the object to something unique and more valuable.

A dear friend once told me: “In a relationship, once there is a deep wound it can heal to some extend but a scar will always remain!”

This is true and yet, with the practice of Kintsugi relationships become more resilient, grow and heal and once the “repair” is done, they turn into something much more special and valuable than before.

It is our cracks that show us our history, how we lived and what we have overcome. It is our cracks that give us character.

Essentially Kintsugi is a symbol of metamorphosis.

And since I am a metamorphoser I believe in the art of Kintsugi 😉