It seldomly happened in my life that I met and fell in love with a goddess.

A goddess should be loved like one!

I loved their wisdom that is wider than the horizon.

I loved their intelligence that is deeper than the ocean.

I loved their devotion that is the expression of their love.

I loved their spirit that is clearer than a diamond.

I loved their laughter that is innocent as a child’s heart.

I loved their light that illuminates peoples hearts.

I loved their soul… that is… infinite.

But you know what?

Love is not just a mere passive perception of a person or a feeling in your heart. Love is an active expression through actions and sincere words of compassion.

You show love through the way you treat the people you love.

So what about my love?

My words sometimes were more poisonous than the sting of a scorpio.

My voice sometimes was more frightening than Thors hammer.

My actions sometimes were sharper than the blade of a Japanese sword.

In the past I had not fully mastered the passionate fire of my heart… and it often burnt hard…

Especially the ones I loved most!

So now it’s time to fully master that passionate fire…